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“I tutor people of all ages who need help with any
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Hi! I'm Lynn the Tutor

I have over 30 years of experience in writing, editing, layout, public speaking, tutoring, and coaching others. I know the English language – and I can help you learn it too!

I provide custom tutoring tailored to you. I don’t teach a prepared curriculum, but focus instead on just those bits that you need to know next. My personalized lessons are engaging, encouraging, and easily adaptable to your learning style.

With hundreds of effective public speaking engagements in my past, I can help you prepare for interviews, gain votes in an electionwin the oratory trophy, or star at board meetings. I can bring you to the skill level required for your job, school, or any life situation. 

Passionate, creative, and energetic, I am a coach with an extensive background in helping to improve the use of the English language for either a native or non-native speaker of English. Whether you are just starting first grade, working on your Ph.D., or not in school at all,  you can benefit from my tutoring. I adapt my coaching methods to what you need.

Want to know more about me? Read my testimonials below, and then contact me to discuss with me your requirements. I will develop a plan tailored to meet your need of the hour. 

My Unique Strategies


I have created a unique method that focuses on quickly learning vocabulary and retaining it.


Let me teach you two special ‘rules’ that I developed to  improve anyone’s spelling by 80%.


My teaching methods can keep the attention span of even young kids.

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Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying

Our eldest son seldom struggled academically. Freshman year, his English and grammar grades suffered. From the first contact [with Lynn], we appreciated her responsiveness and professionalism. My son went from receiving 70% on his writing assignments in Honors English to 100% (I’m not exaggerating). Please reach out to Lynn. You won’t be disappointed."

David S.

Father of Student

My husband had a very hard time reading, and so we decided to see what tutoring could do. Wow! Not only did his reading improve, but so much more! Lynn helped him with reading and writing, which led to better computer skills, communication, grammar and so much more! This tutoring method was perfect."

Amanda P.

Wife of Student

As a university student, when I try to get help with writing tutors on campus, I always feel as though it is difficult to get any advice from them. Don't waste your time at the writing labs! Invest in Ms. Lynn; she is worth every penny. If you are struggling with grammar, sentence structure, or need advice on writing, she will help you."

Tori R.

University Student

Allen has been working with Lynn for about 8 months and has improved his writing and vocabulary tremendously since beginning. Lynn provides homework each week consisting of learning new vocabulary words and a short essay. Allen looked forward to his lesson each week. I highly recommend Lynn."

Gabriel C.

Parent of 11-year Old Son

Lynn is very knowledgeable about everything related to literature and is extremely fun and easy to talk to. Her advice targeted what I needed help with, and as a result, improved my writing greatly." 

Vivian L.


We are having an amazing experience with Lynn. Very professional and she keeps both my kids focused for the whole hour and that’s a really hard thing to do. Thank you Lynn!"

Belkys P.

Parent of Two Kids

English is not my favorite subject. Lynn helped make it easier to create outlines and write a great paper! She is patient and great at helping me organize my thoughts for writing. I received superior grades in my Army class with her tutoring."

Danny G

Army Student

My daughter seriously started reading 10x better from start of the sessions to the end!! Lynn has a great way with kids very professional, great with kids, and excellent value! She even adapted lessons to fit a young child’s attention span better!"

Leslie S.

Mother of Student

Lynn has been great tutoring our 12-year old in reading and writing. She is able to speak on the same level with him without making him feel dumb or patronized. She is a bit old-fashioned in her teaching style but that’s possibly what I like most about her. She focuses on the things the schools have stopped teaching."

Kelly R.

Mother of 12-Year Old

I am from Asia and was worried about writing and reading skills of my kids because I can neither advise nor teach those skills. That's why my son is studying English with Lynn. My son said she is excellent in teaching English, and he seems very happy to study with her. I think one of Lynn's best teaching skills is to make students feel happy to study English."

Yun-Seok C.

Foreign Student

Lynn edited my first novel. She is very pleasant to work with and does a great job catching errors and suggesting improvements. I chose her because in the sample she provided me, she explained in a side note why the correction was needed. This allowed me to learn as well. She is a great choice if you need your novel proofread."

Tonya M.


Since I started tutoring with Ms. Lynn, my grades have gone up dramatically. I am [now] a stronger writer and more confident in myself and reading strategies. My vocabulary improved and I’ve been challenged to learn more."

David S. Jr.


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  • Lynn charges by the hour for tutoring (Forty-five minutes is charged the same as an hour. You might as well take the full 60 minutes.)
  • After the first session, payment is $60 an hour, due before the start of the lesson.
  • There is a ten percent discount available to anyone who pays for ten sessions in advance: $540 for ten lessons.

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